The ultimate goal of Isuggest is to reduce the administrative burden and improve the organizational efficiency for the research enterprise at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Partners HealthCare. Established as an extension of the Continuous Research Operations Improvement (CROI) Program, the Isuggest platform serves as a bridge between the research-community and administration, leveraging community-driven insights into optimizing research efficiency, support, and related processes.

Researchers are increasingly allocating time towards performing administrative duties, taking away crucial time that can be devoted to other important tasks. Isuggest seeks to address this –through the Isuggest portal, researchers are able to propose solutions to the everyday operational challenges they face. These suggestions are evaluated for future implementation by members of Research Management. By eliminating the unnecessarily onerous requirements in the research process, we hope to streamline the research enterprise and further facilitate groundbreaking innovations and discoveries.